New Members

Past and present members, (officer, enlisted, and civilian) of the 20th Fighter Wing who have not previously joined the 20th FWA or previously attended a 20th FWA reunion are invited to submit a membership application and $20 membership fee via the internet (see below) or print out a form (see below) and mail it in. The 20th Fighter Wing refers to all former iterations of the title and to all squadrons/units assigned to it. If you were a member of a squadron or unit at the time it was assigned under the 20th Fighter Wing, you are eligible for membership in the 20th Fighter Wing Association, Inc. Membership application and reunion registration are two separate events. A $20 membership fee is due for all new members whether or not they attend the upcoming reunion. [This is a change from the previous policy.] New members may register for an upcoming reunion immediately after submitting their membership application and a $20 membership fee.

Current Members

Members are considered current if they have paid their dues during the month of January of each year. Current members will be placed on the Active Roll and may attend reunions, receive newsletters, and vote at biennial general business meetings. Members of the former 20th Fighter Group Association, Life Members, and Honorary Members are considered Current and are not required to pay annual dues.

Membership Renewal

Association Dues are $20 and are due annually on the 1st of January. This applies to all current members. Members who have not remitted their annual dues by 30 March of each year will be considered Non-current and placed on the Inactive Roll. Non-current members will be dropped from the roles after four years if they have not renewed their membership

Member Info Updates

Members are requested to keep their personal info updated with the secretary, especially current email addresses. The association's primary means of communicating with members are now email and website.

On-Line Application and Payment

Click Here to make payment by PayPal for a one-year membership fee of $20
Manual Application and Payment (By Post Office Mail)