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20th Fighter Wing/Group History (2007)

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This book covers the history of both the 20th Fighter Wing and 20th Operations Group. Major events in the 20th history are covered including photos of commanders. The book also includes tables for the wing, group, and flying squadrons covering: assignments, bases, designations, aircraft, commanders, and awards.

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20th FBW (1953) & 20th TFW (1959) Yearbook Reprints

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These are typical yearbooks with photos of all Airmen assigned to the 20th by squadron with additional photos of life in the 20th at RAF Wethersfield and RAF Woodbridge.

20th FBW (1953)(Shipped to USA)

20th FBW (1953)(Shipped to UK)
20th TFW (1959)(Shipped to USA)

20th TFW (1959)(Shipped to UK)

King's Cliffe

$50.00 (US Delivery) (UK Delivery $85.00)

This book details the WW II history of the 20th Fighter Group stationed at King's Cliffe England 1943-1945. The book was written by the members of the 20th during the summer of 1945. Included in the book are detailed information and photos of all assigned Officers of the 20th and listings and photos of all enlisted men assigned to the 20th. Also covered are details of all missions flown by the 20th and descriptions of all units assigned.

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