20th Fighter Wing History



In 1997, members of the 20th FW Association decided to initiate a new award that would be given to a pilot of the 20th FW. After much discussion, it was agreed that this award would not be solely based on a top-gun criteria, but would be open to considerations for other areas of airmanship. The Fighter Wing Association decided to fund the awards program, but the selection process would be the responsibility of the current commanders at the wing. This program was accepted by Col. Leaf, Wing Commander and the process was put into effect at the end of 1997. The points of this program are as follows:

Lt Col David Hathaway 55th FS Commander (at the time of photo) receiving a $500 check for the unit fund. Capt Bryan A Dalton is the 2007 winner of the award, but had already left for reassignment to Luke AFB. USAF Photo

This award has been very well received.

The winners of this award are as follows:

Capt Donald "Rhett" Butler 55 FS 1997
Capt Michael "Pigpen" Hernandez 78 FS 1998
Maj John W "Yoda" Pearse 79 FS 1999
Capt Peter M "Cujo" Bilodeau 55 FS 2000
Capt Michael D "Bia" Lay 78 FS 2001
Capt Brian P "Alf" O'Neill 20 OSS 2002
Capt Stephen M "Rowdy" Pieper 77 FS 2003
Maj Jay O "Hoser" Aanrud 20 OSS 2004
Capt Christopher "Bodhi" Bacon 77 FS 2005
Capt Bryan A "Saw" Dalton 55 FS 2006

The winners of this award are invited to bring their wife and attend the next reunion of the 20th Fighter Wing Association, at the expense of the Association.